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Sovereign Hill Winter Wonderlights Gold Rush Tour

Visit Sovereign hill and the winter wonderlights on a day tour from Melbourne for the month of July only!

$149 per person

Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri

(1st to 19th July only)


13:00 - 20:30 

During the month of July the entire Sovereign Hill township will evoke a sense of old-world wonder

Visitors can take a stroll down Main Street as snow-flakes fall at regular intervals over the Victorian-style buildings, decorations fill the window displays, the smell of Christmas treats and spices fill the air, and traditional Christmas-themed pantomimes are performed. Find Sir Ginger getting up to mischief on Main Street. Watch flames erupt from the Sovereign Hill chimney. At night, as the light fades, Main Street will sparkle with an amazing light projection show with the buildings on Main Street lit up with large-scale image projections and Christmas animations. This show, set to Christmas-themed music, wander through fairy-lit laneways, dance in the (faux) snow or let the European street market tempt you. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity of visiting Sovereign Hill during Winter Wonderlights!

 Meet Sir Ginger

Come and meet Sir Ginger as he gets up to mischief in our marquee.

  Pan for Gold

You can try your hand at panning for gold, hopefully strike it lucky!

  Mine tour

Venture underground on a gold mine tour

  Snowfalls on Main Street

Marvel as Sovereign Hill turns into a snowy winter wonderland. The famous St Nicholas might even be there!

  Winter Wonderlights

Main Street will be transformed by sparkling grand-scale Christmas images dancing along its familiar facades. ‘Winter Wonderlights’ begins as soon as the sky is dark enough. Times therefore vary slightly each evening depending on light conditions.

•  Winter Wonderlights

• Pan For Gold

• Snowfall on Main Street




Meet Sir Ginger

Encounter Sir Ginger and all the interesting characters of Sovereign Hill Township!


Pan For Gold

Take advantage of the chance to strike it rich and pan for gold!


Mine Tour

Head underground and learn about the conditions miners had to endure back in the day. You might even see a massive gold nugget!


Snowfalls on Main Street

Experience the magic as Sovereign Hill turns into a winter wonderland!


Winter Wonderlights

Enjoy the Spectacular Winter Wonderlights as the sun goes down while you explore Sovereign Hill.

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