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Mornington Sightseeing Tour

Explore the Mornington Peninsula on a stunning Day Tour and enjoy a lunch cruise, tastings and sightseeing .

 $20 off per person for bookings made in October!!
$169 $149 per person

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Tue | Thu | Sat

9:00 - 18:30. 

The Locals favourite spots on the Mornington Peninsula

Join us as we spend the day gazing upon the picturesque Mornington Peninsula coastline on a spectacular sightseeing tour. Enjoy the natural wonders of the area and sample some of the fine produce that the Mornington Peninsula has to offer on a truly special day out.

  London Bridge, Portsea

Iconic Amphitheatre Sandstone Formations | Magical beach | Lookout | 12 Apostles rival!

  Lunch & Bay Sail

2 Hour Bay Sail | Lunch | Dolphin Spotting | Clifftop Mansions | Spectacular Coastline

  St Andrews Beach Brewery

Craft Brewery | Tasting Paddle | Outdoor Beer Garden | Locals Hangout

  Arthurs Seat Gondola

State-of-the-art gondola | Spot Wildlife | Beautiful Views of Coastline and Melbourne

  Peninsula Bathing Boxes

Iconic Bathing Boxes | Vibrant Colours | Nestled on the Beach | Great Photo Opportunity!

$20 off per person for bookings made in October!
Promo Code: GAOCT20

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Lots of Inclusions!

Brewery Visit & Tasting 

  Bay Cruise & Lunch

  Scenic Gondola Ride


Itinerary Stops



London Bridge

A wonderous structure and a marvel of nature, you’ll find ‘The’ London Bridge set upon the pristine Portsea Beach. This unique rock formation is a local attraction not to be missed and a sight to be gazed upon.


Lunch & Bay Sail

Lovers of food and wine will enjoy this relaxing lunch made up of a shared grazing table of the regions best produce whilst onboard a Searoad Ferry enjoying the wonderous scenes of the ocean.


St Andrews Beach Brewery

A craft brewery like no other, inspired by the surroundings of the Mornington Peninsulas and living by the motto ‘Simple and uncomplicated’. We’ll be stopping here to sample some fine craft beers and the opportunity.


Arthurs Seat Gondola

Onboard a state-of-the-art gondola, we’ll fly over the state forest to the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula. Take in the breathtaking view across the bay to the city or spotting the wildlife as you soar high above the trees.


Peninsula Bathing Boxes

An icon of the region along the coast of Port Phillip Bay, these iconic bathing boxes are the area’s symbol of summer. We’ll stop for a while to enjoy the captivating views that are set upon the colourful backdrop of the crystal blue ocean and coastline.

$20 off per person for bookings made in October!
Promo Code: GAOCT20

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