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Destination Spotlight - Montalto

Destination Spotlight - Montalto

Learn all about Montalto and it's delicious wine and restaurant

We visit some of the most fantastic locations imaginable on our tours and Montalto is the fabulous establishment that we stop at on our Mornington Peninsula Food & wine taste trail. We decided to get in touch with Amy to get an insider scoop on all things Montalto.

E A: Tell us a bit about yourself, what's your story?

AMY: I’m the Commercial Administrations Manager at Montalto, which is quiet broad! Aside from managing our inventory and wine exports, my main focus is ensuring our amazing estate experiences are all operating at the highest standards. We’re always looking at ways we can incorporate all the multi-sensory aspects of Montalto into these experiences and look forward to launching more soon.

E A: Are you a big fan of wine?

AMY: I’m someone that is learning with my time here! When I started I only drank Pinot Noir, but now I’ve broadened my horizon to Chardonnay and some different red varieties. Being surrounded by passionate people, it inspired me to try different varieties and wine making styles.


E A: Can you tell us a bit about Montalto and it's history?

AMY: Amy: John and Wendy Mitchell own Montalto and they are both the driving visionaries behind the estate and label. They were initially inspired by their travels through the south of France – the rolling hills covered in vines caught their eyes and spoke to their hearts. When they returned home, they started looking for property on the Mornington Peninsula – which was their home away from home having had a holiday house here.

AMY: They share a deep understanding and love for the region and couldn’t imagine a better location to realise their dreams.

AMY: After undertaking study in viticulture, John took their initial idea to the next level. In January 2002, Montalto opened to the public with a vineyard, olive grove and kitchen gardens.

AMY: 18 years later, the property includes numerous vineyards, 1500 olive trees, 3 acres of kitchen gardens (one of the largest in Australia) along with a Cellar Door, Piazza and Good Food Guide chefs-hatted Restaurant.

montalto views

E A: What wines do you have in your range?

AMY: Simon Black (our wine maker) and his team make a broad range of truly extraordinary wines! Red wines include Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Tempranillo. We also have a Rosé made from, Pinot Noir. Whites: are Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and of course Simon’s Chardonnay are particularly well known. For those who love bubbles we have a Sparkling Rosé and our Cuvée eeOne Sparkling; and for sweet wines there is the Moscato and late harvest Sauvignon Blanc.

E A: What's your favourite wine at the moment?

AMY: Not the easiest of questions to answer, but I have to say the one that I am enjoying the most is Teurong Block Pinot Noir from our Single Vineyard Range. We’ve just released a new vintage and I think it’s my favourite so far.

E A: What facilities are available for visitors?

AMY: Montalto a multi-faceted estate – there really is something for everyone. For the foodies, we have our Piazza which is our casual dining option. For a true moment out of the ordinary, the Restaurant offers a spectacular dining experience featuring estate-grown and locally sourced produce from a dining room with iconic views across the vineyards. If you’re interested in wine, a hosted tasting in the Cellar Door is essential. We also have an incredible elevated Alto Wine Room for private tastings overlooking our estate. And no visit to Montalto would be complete without a visit to the Montalto Sculpture Trail which winds its way throughout the property.

E A: What sort of food can people expect to find on your menu?

AMY: Our Piazza offers a more casual experience for our guests. From wood-fired pizzas through to charcuterie, the freshest salads (featuring ingredients grown right here on the estate) and the most delicious homemade ice-cream. It’s the perfect menu to share with friends and family on a sunny day surrounded by the kitchen gardens.

AMY: Our Piazza offers a more casual experience for our guests. From wood-fired pizzas through to charcuterie, the freshest salads (featuring ingredients grown right here on the estate) and the most delicious homemade ice-cream. It’s the perfect menu to share with friends and family on a sunny day surrounded by the kitchen gardens.

montalto chefs hard at work

E A: What's the best thing you've had on the menu?

AMY: The pizzas served in the Piazza are some of the best I’ve ever eaten! I also can’t go past a combination of one of our larger sharing dishes and a salad, they are mouth-watering!

AMY: In the Restaurant, the menu is constantly evolving and changing but through the years, I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. I have a deep appreciation for the quality of the produce and the skill of our team. It really is an amazing experience to eat their food.


montalto food

E A: Is there a best time of year to visit?

AMY: Each season offers an entirely different – but still extraordinary - experience. Summer is stunning – bright sunny days and warm nights. Everyone’s on holidays so the vibe is relaxed and fun as guests come together over pizzas and wines. Winter is equally as gorgeous though with the cool crisp days just perfect for drinking Pinot Noir with a view of the ghostly vines and the winter sun warming your back. Autumn and Spring are a photographer’s paradise – the colours of the property change every day from an almost luminescent green in Spring through to golden hues of burnt orange and yellows in Autumn.

E A: What makes Montalto so unique?

AMY: I was thinking a lot about this and it’s something I find quite hard to put into words. It has an amazing energy and atmosphere when you walk in, from the staff that are serving you to the views, the food and the ambience. Wherever you are the beauty of the estate can really take your breath away.

E A: Do you have any advice for visitors of Montalto?

AMY: My advice would be to plan to spend a day here. There really is so much to eat, drink, see, do and explore. We love hosting groups and families of all sizes and ages – watching the kids get up close and engage with the sculptures delights our entire team. As soon as you step out of the car and on property, the majesty of the location will really wash over you. I still feel the same sense of awe each time I arrive in the mornings.


montalto deck

E A: Is there anything that you feel we may have missed out on that you would like to mention?

AMY: The one thing that I don’t think we have touched on is how Montalto makes the perfect spot for special occasions – between the Alto Wine Room, Chef’s Table or our Private Dining Room, there are some incredible options for guests looking to celebrate in intimate yet spectacular spaces across the estate.